Epoxy fracture during particle impacting

Image credit: Springer

Coupled mechanical-thermal damage of epoxy

Numerical analyses of Ti particle deposited on the CFRP substrate with epoxy fractured due to shear damage.

SHRCRT, Shear damage initiation criterion. 0 means damage initiation, 1 means total damaged, material lose its loading capacity.

Coupled mechanical-thermal damage model was employed. Epoxy damage caused by the mechanical failure and thermal were taken into consideration simultaneously.

Epoxy fracture (Mechanical damage) caused by mechanical failure, specifically, the Ductile failure criteria was used here.

Epoxy degradation (Thermal damage) caused by the high temperature was controled by the Degradation temperature (Tdeg) of epoxy.


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Jiayu Sun
Jiayu Sun

I am a Ph.D student with an interest in metallization CFRP composite materials, additive meanfacturing metal parts, and surface modification.