Multi-material 3D joining and optimum molding technology for higher reliability than the current joining in the aviation field

A New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) project.

Cooperation afflication: Chiba Lab, Institute for Material Research, Tohoku University Ogawa Lab, Fracture and Reliability Research Institute, Tohoku University

Goal: Development of metallized CFRP composites by cold spray and PVD technique and other additive manufacturing methods to enhance their electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. Responsibilities:

  • DOE.
  • Creation of a new processing method.
  • Revelation of the bonding mechanism and delamination behavior.
  • Development of the bonding strength strategy.
Jiayu Sun
Jiayu Sun

I am a Ph.D student with an interest in metallization CFRP composite materials, additive meanfacturing metal parts, and surface modification.